In the limelight: Katarina Rodriguez won Miss World PH 2018, other queens crowned

Katarina Rodriguez, Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, and other queens were crowned successfully as the Miss World PH 2018 Coronation Night has been a blasting success. Know the full coverage recap of the Miss World PH 2018.

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Boiling down to the point… ItsJM Life’s Miss World PH 2018 Queens Row Final Hotpicks [Part 1]

Boiling down to the point… Who might ever thought that other Miss World Philippines candidates are afraid of Katarina Rodriguez? The Part 1 of Queens Row Final Hotpicks of ItsJM Life Miss World Philippines 2018 finally revealed.

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#MWP2018 ItsJM Life’s Reader’s Choice Poll Update: 2 days before Grand Coronation Night Update

2 days left to vote. Results as of 8:12pm, October 5, 2018, Manila Time is up!

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