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Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

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ItsJM Life’s Miss World Philippines 2019 Reader’s Choice Poll

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Miss World PH official logo

The official logo of Miss World Philippines [Courtesy: Miss World Philippines Organization's Facebook Page]

Miss World PH official logo
The official logo of Miss World Philippines [Courtesy: Miss World Philippines Organization’s Facebook Page]
Time again for the polls to roll out!After the successful Miss World Philippines ItsJM Life’s Reader’s Choice Poll last year (which was successful in the 2018 edition of the website which is not available right now) which received 19,401 votes, its time again for the voting for Miss World Philippines 2019 Reader’s Choice Poll. Here are new rules to cast your votes for your favorite Miss World Philippines candidate:

1. Voting is open to all ItsJM Life’s Blog Readers.

2. There will be 2 options for you to choose on:

A. Vote Unlimited (via Crowdsignal’s Poll-poll will be available below once created)

B. Vote up to 15 candidates per day (via Poll Maker’s Poll-poll is already available, but voting will start August 5, 2019 at 8pm, Singapore/Manila Time)

3. You can vote daily until September 15, 2019 at 12am, PH Time.

4. There will be several days of voting results updates to be posted daily starting August 13, 2019 at 5pm. Only percentage of the total votes counted both on Crowdsignal’s and Poll Maker’s per candidate will be revealed. There might be surprising vote count reveal on several days of poll voting results.

5. Voting criteria will be as follows:

60% – Crowdsignal Poll

40% – PollMaker Poll

5. The candidate with the most number of total votes counted in both polls will be announced right after the Grand Coronation Night which will be on September 16, 2019.

Vote wisely for your favorite candidate! Happy voting!

Crowdsignal Poll:

PollMaker Poll:

My Miss World Philippines 2019 is

Kristi Banks

Kelley Day

Glyssa Perez

Ilene de Vera

Patricia Ann Tan

Sheila Marie Reyes
Asha Gutierrez
Isabelle Daza de Leon
Ednalyn Gunio
Aura Shaznay Tumulak
Camelle Mercado
Michelle Thorlund
Kayesha Chua
Mary Daena Zaide Resurreccion
Gerlaine Silva
Hanna Therese Cruz
Alyssa Joreen Reyes
Tracy Maureen Perez
Patrisha Kamille Gutierrez
Katrina Llegado
Vanessa Mae Walters
Sharielle Yanson
Sammie Anne Legaspi
Justiene Ortega
Jacqueline Diamzon Hammoude
Rose Ann Ignacio
Kimberly Hakenson
Sharmane Chico Galisanao
Julie Forbes
Louise Theunis
Shannon Christie Kerver
Jean Lacsina Tumang
Julia Mendoza
Ruffa Nava
Michelle Arceo
Patrixia Sherly Santos
Michelle Marquez Dee
Erica Rose Madlangsakay
Jena Masero
Kalea Pitel


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