ItsJM Life Vlogmas Year 2 Day 1: Woohoo Learning Lab’s Integrating Tech By Design (Part 1) Blog Coverage

Today marks the start of Vlogmas Year 2. In view with this, whatever is in YouTube, the same contents will be collaborated inside the blog. For today, I will share with you mu learnings on Woohoo Learning Lab’s seminar titled: “Integrating Technology by Design” which will be given by Galvin Radley L. Ngo, M.Ed. Hashtags for this seminar are: #IntegratingTechByDesign, #ItsJMLifeVlogmasWoohooPart1 and #WoohooLearnings.

[Refresh this page for updates on the learning event as it happens in real-time.]

7:08am: I arrived so early that it so happened we are really excited for the seminar’s event today. The learning event will be given by Mr. Galvin Radley Ngo, the CEO of Woohoo Learning Lab.

The theme of today’s seminar will be focusing on how to design technology and integrate it in the learnings of the students. Important learnings and updated apps on how to integrate tech by design.

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