WISHCARD APP: Review and Usage

WISHCARD APP: Review and Usage

(A review by ItsJM Life-WishCard Blogger Partner) 

Hey everyone! I am the newest blogger kid on the block.

We all know that Wish 107.5FM really brings in music that can be soothing to your ears. Recently, 1KSolutions Inc launched an app called the Wishcard App and in this blog, I will let you go through a walkthrough of what it is, how to use it and what is it in store for you to get freebies from different partners, exciting exclusive promos and the like.

WishCard App is an app that could be downloaded on Google Play or App Store. [ If this is your first time to know about it, make sure that you must check the developer down below. The developer of the app that you should download shall be 1KSolutions Inc. They devised an app in order for the wishers to listen live via live streaming which is in the app.

So, maybe you have downloaded the app already, right? Let me continue you with the walkthrough.

Right after you download the app, make sure that you sign up first for an account. [You can either click on Continue with Facebook or click on Create Account if this is your first time after downloading the app.]

After signing in with your Facebook or creating your account via your email, make sure that you go ahead right to your email of which you have signed up for and get the activation code. In that way, you are able to complete your registration. Your personal information is safe with the developer and will only be shared with the partners and will be serving as a great reference for future promos and rewards.

Once you have signed up on the app, you’ll be able to see the Homepage, which should look like this:

In the app, you will see different kinds of icons. (See the photo above and the next photos down below so that you’ll understand each of it).

FEEDS (or News Feed)

The first icon lit up (with the orange one in the photo above) signifies that it is the feed. In the Feed section, you’ll be able to see the latest about Wishclusives and reviews from me and my co-blogger partners which you should check on them also. You may select an article at any time where you can either read an article or watch a video. What’s most exciting, which most of the app users are really excited about this app is the promo code. The Promo Code will be detailed in the latter part of this blog.

Sample promo code which could be used for a month

The photo above signifies the promo code which could be used for a month. I will explain it in detail once we get inside the promo code section.

REWARDS (or Freebies)

I know most of you are finding for freebies or rewards. YES, in this app, you’ll find lots of freebies.

YES, you’ve read it right! This app sees a lot of equal opportunities to redeem freebies like cellphone cases, t-shirts and the like.


The third, and the most important is the live streaming. We all know that some of our smartphone devices have FM radio built-in app and some of those have no radio and they don’t know where they could listen to Wish 107.5FM. This app will give users who have been listening or watched most of the time where the Wish Bus stops in the YouTube channel of Wish 107.5 FM to listen live in real-time on the app. 1KSolutions Inc. makes sure that all of us, Wishers, will be able to get in line with the up-to-date music and live performances from our favorite artists. DD5DIE3

Promotions (or Promos)

In this section, you’ll be allowed to see the latest promotions and discounted promotions from selected merchant partners. As of now, there are no current promotions, so, make sure you update the app regularly to get the latest promos.

Other Options

These are other useful options that you could use in your usage to be a real Wisher and be able to get connected with other Wishers.

Promo Codes

This is where I will get with you in detail…

You might have bumped in one of the articles in the news feed and you have seen the promo code (on the news with Wish videos) or found the promo code inside the blog posts of my fellow bloggers.

You might ask “How could I use it?” It might be as simple as it is to put in the promo code but it might be harder as it looks to find for the promo code. But, if you are a keen observer and you are definitely a fast-eye looker, then this one is cool for you.

So, once you have seen the promo code in one of the articles like… (promo code in blue letters)


… you have to copy and paste it like so and put it in the promo code box which looks like this…

After entering the promo code inside the provided box, you’ll be redirected to your profile page where you’ll see your updated points. Points will vary based on the promo codes you’ve entered in.


If you entered a promo code which is inside of the Wishclusive articles, you’ll receive instant 30 points for that. If you entered a promo code that is one on the articles of the Wish Blogger Partners (or so-called Wishfluencers), you’ll get a variation of 20 or 30 points.

Promo Scanner

This section is still under development, so, make sure that you update the app once there’s a new update.

My Rewards and My Coupons

Have you redeemed an item like a t-shirt, jacket or phone case? Have you received a discount coupon from selected merchant partners? If you do, then you could find it in the My Rewards (for your redeemed rewards) and My Coupons (for your redeemed discount coupons from the merchants) section.

Partners, Bloggers, and Vloggers

In style, you’ll meet other bloggers and vloggers in the Bloggers and Vloggers section and Partners in the Partners section. (See for yourself by clicking on those sections to get to know more about the vloggers and partners.)

This might be a tough walkthrough for first-time users… But, if you use this app regularly, you’ll be legally known as a certified wisher.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app so that you’ll be closer to Wish 107.5FM with the WishCard app.

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