ItsJM Life Miss Earth 2019 Coverage: 4 new queens crowned for Miss Earth 2019 pageant

Despite of the controversies on Miss Earth 2018 pageant where there have been speculations on some candidates who have reported so-called sexual harassment which Miss Earth organization’s organizer Carousel Productions Inc. will look onto it, Miss Earth 2019 is on as this early!

So, without much further ado, ItsJM Life will open the coverage of Miss Earth for the year 2019!

The coverage for Miss Earth is beginning this early! ItsJM Life will bring updates on Miss Earth 2019 from time to time.

#MissEarth2019: The Beginning (An ItsJM Life’s Miss Earth 2019 Coverage)

UPDATE # 1: 4 Beauty Queens crowned to compete for Miss Earth 2019

After the outgoing Miss Earth Karen Ibasco from the Philippines successfully crowned the new Miss Earth, Nguyễn Phương Khánh from Vietnam, there have been circulations on the incoming queens to battle for next year’s Miss Earth and ItsJM Life will give you first on hand the candidates who have been early birds to compete for Miss Earth 2019. [Special thanks to Irish Calayon, a Miss Earth fan who gave us updates on who’s in to compete for the Miss Earth. She’ll be my assistant in this whole entire coverage of the Miss Earth 2019.]

1. Linda Avila (Miss Earth Costa Rica 2019)

Linda Avila will represent Costa Rica in Miss Earth 2019
Linda Avila on her glorious moment as Miss Earth Costa Rica 2019

She was the first candidate who was crowned as Costa Rica’s representative to Miss Earth this coming year 2019. She’s only 23 years old and she was crowned by Miss Earth Costa Rica 2017 Fernanda Rodriguez because Miss Earth Costa Rica 2018’s representative Arianna Medrano was only appointed.

2. Bruna Silva (Miss Earth Portugal 2019)

In the limelight of the pageant, there’s always passing on crowns and this next lady did had the right turnover as Miss Queen Portugal 2017 and Miss Earth Portugal 2018 Telma Madeira successfully passed on the crown to Bruna Silva making the 2nd candidate to compete in the said pageant.

Bruna Silva in her competitive model pose. She represents Portugal for Miss Earth 2019 pageant.

3. Nazia Wadee (Miss Earth South Africa 2019)

Nazia Wadee is crowned as the 3rd candidate to compete for Miss Earth 2019 pageant and she will represent South Africa.

21 year old Nazia hails from Lenasia in the South of Johannesburg, and is an undergraduate from Wits University focusing on International Relations and Media Studies and is currently an Honours student. She will continue to add value to the already established #WasteStopswithMe campaign.

4. Tamara Novakovic (Miss Earth Serbia 2019)

Tamara Novakovic stuns her beauty as the 4th queen to compete in the Miss Earth 2019 pageant as she will represent Serbia.

Tamara Novakovic completes the 1st batch ever to be competing for the Miss Earth pageant as she is the 4th candidate for the Miss Earth 2019. She’s a 20 year old college student taking up Project Management and Innovation. She is also a tennis player.


Since our coverage started early, we will be able to cover each and every single Miss Earth competition from across the globe and will give you more updates on each of the crowned candidates once updates roll in from the Miss Earth organization and its partner, Carousel Productions Inc.

Early this month, we have formally announced that Miss Earth USA is scouting now its candidates for Miss Earth 2019 USA pageant. READ HERE for the full entire blog post of the scouting details.

In this view, here are the upcoming national pageants for Miss Earth 2019. Again, a big special thanks to Irish Calayon for helping us out to give updates for the Miss Earth 2019 coverage.

Miss Earth Michoacan 2019 (for Miss Earth Mexico 2019 pageant): November 9, 2018

Miss Earth Michoacan 2019 will screen its candidates for the casting for Miss Earth 2019 Mexico pageant.

Miss Earth Sinaloa (see picture below for details)

Sinaloa, one of the cities of Mexico will also cast its candidates for the Miss Earth pageant this 2019.

Miss Earth Suisse Romande 2019: The winner will represent Suisse Romande in Miss Earth Switzerland 2019. Pageant will be held on the 1st of December.

Miss Earth Coahuila 2019’s Grand Coronation Night holds it on November 17, 2018. The winner in this city represents Coahuila in Miss Earth Mexico 2019.

Miss Earth Osaka 2019:

The City of Osaka will also hold its city pageant and its winner will represent Osaka in Miss Earth Japan 2019.

Miss Earth Jalisco 2019:

Miss Earth Belgium 2019: Miss Exclusive (the other name of Miss Earth 2019 beauty pageant for Brazil) will hold its Grand Night on the 26th day of the opening month of 2019.

SAVE THE DATE: Miss Earth Belgium 2019 Grand Night on January 26, 2019.

Here are other countries who will have its grand coronation and dates are to be announced as soon as possible:

Miss Earth Switzerland 2019

Miss Earth Dominican Republic 2019

Miss Earth Brazil 2019

Miss Earth Puerto Rico 2019

Miss Earth Argentina 2019

Miss Earth Guam 2019

Miss Earth Australia 2019


More countries will be updated as soon as new updates from my co-coverager, Irish Calayon gives us a new update.

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