Immaculate Conception Feast: Declared Special Non-Working Holiday

By Bartolomé Esteban Murillo – [1], Public Domain,

Immaculate Conception, declared as a special non-working holiday as per RA 10966

Last July 24, 2017, the 17th Congress of the Philippines in its 2nd Regular Session, enacted a law in commemoration of the Immaculate Conception which is celebrated every 8th day of December in Roman rites.

As per Republic Act No. 10966 which was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on Dec. 23, 2017, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception is now declared as a special non-working holiday.

It was announced that this year will be the start of the effect of declaring December 8, 2018 as a special non-working holiday.

Immaculate Conception was known as the Principal Patroness of the Philippines. Stated in statement 9 of the pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines dated February 2, 1975:

Among the titles under which Mary is venerated in the Philippines, two are particularly prominent:  the Immaculate Conception and Our Lady of the Rosary.  The invocation of the Immaculate Conception goes back to the year 1578 when Pope Gregory XIII in a Bull issued on February 6 decreed that the Manila Cathedral should be erected under the invocation of the Conception  of the Blessed Virgin Mary.6  Clement VIII decreed on 13 August 1595 that the Cathedrals of Nueva Segovia and Caceres also be erected under the same title of the Immaculate Conception.  Moreover, one of the three ships that reached the Philippines in the first voyage of Magallanes in 1521 was the “Concepcion,” named after the Immaculate Conception, together with the ships “Trinidad” and “Victoria.”  Hence the Islands before being named Filipinas, and even before the name of Christ had begun to be preached, saw on these shores the name of Mary under her title of the Immaculate Conception.

Quoted from: ANG MAHAL NA BIRHEN, Mary in Philippine Life Today: A Pastoral Letter on the Blessed Virgin Mary (Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, February 2, 1975)

So, if you have plans this year on the particular day, go to the church first before going to your ideal travel destination to be thankful.

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