MNL48: From TV sets to their 1st ever album

MNL48 Updates is back! [Photo Credits: MNL48 Official Facebook page]
Since Day 1 the MNL48 was launched, all of the aspirants wants to be part of the 1st all-girl group and so Its Showtime and Hallo Hallo Entertainment has launched the so-called MNL48 group. From over 4,000 aspirants who auditioned from the 1st time it was launched, it went down to 200, then to Top 75. They faced several challenges and now it brought down to just 48.

After series of trainings, challenges and even performances, there was so called MNL48 Online where they will be most likely known by many people.

With over 30 weeks of preparations and trainings, after 9 months, they have released their ever 1st album dubbed as “Aitakatta: Gustong Makita” featuring 6 tracks (3 multiplex and 3 instrumental) which features their carrier single “Aitakatta”.

Last Sept 24, 2018, the MNL48 HalloHallo website has released and opened the pre-order of the said album and last October 17, 2018, I purchased their album via the said website and now its in my hands.

The songs includes the following:

Multiplex Songs

  1. Aitakatta-Gustong Makita
  2. Talulot ng Sakura
  3. Umiindak na Saya

Minus-one/Karaoke Songs:

  1. Aitakatta-Gustong Makita
  2. Talulot ng Sakura
  3. Umiindak na Saya

You can also listen to their songs via Spotify [see the full album on Spotify below]:

MNL48’s 1st debut album is under Star Music with the partnership of HalloHallo Entertainment, Inc., AKS Co. Ltd and Nichion Inc.

What are you waiting for? Buy the album at its pre-order status and receive a handshake ticket that comes with the album [Album is sold at 250php each.]

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