ItsJM Life’s Readers Choice Poll: Miss Colombia 2018

If the Miss World Philippines 2018 was successful because of your Reader’s Choice votes, its time to level up and since we are slowly getting back in beauty pageant blogging and rolling it in our blogsite, its time to go outside of the country.

Let’s travel to Colombia. Colombia has been famously known for its longest joining years in any pageant (whether major or minor) and yet, this country really encompasses the feel of bringing home crowns. Let me list some of them so that you may have a recall of them:

  • Paulina Vega, Seniorita Colombia 2013, won Miss Universe 2014
  • Jeymmy Vargas, Miss International 2004
  • Paulina Gálvez, Miss International 1999

They are some of the few queens who were courageously known worldwide. Now, its time for a new batch of beauty queens from Colombia and we are inviting everyone to vote for your favorites or maybe your gut of who will take home the crown of Miss Colombia 2018. All you need to do is to choose from the list of the candidates from the popup poll in your screen and click or tap on them and your vote will count. The voting results will not be visible but rest assured your votes will be counted. It will be full 100% WordPress. [If you are on mobile, tap on your settings in your browser and click on Request desktop site so that you can vote for your favorite fully.]

Vote wisely and voting will end November 12, 2018, 12mn, Manila Time. [Date and time of the end of the voting will be updated once we knew the time of the Grand Coronation Night of Miss Colombia 2018 pageant.

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