ItsJM Life Online Exclusives: Online Upclose with Jo.e; Her Musical Life and Dreams

Jo.e [Photo Credits: Jo.e’s Facebook Page]
In our last blog post update, we introduced Jo.e briefly for her Saranggola Music Festival stint as one of the performers.

Now, I’m back to introduce her to all of you one more time… but, this time, its gonna be up-close. Let’s get to know more about Jo.e and her dreams plus a big surprise to all MYX viewers and music fans out there.

1 What nickname do friends call you?

Her Answer:

She’s really secretive when it comes to her nickname. I know her real nickname but I won’t reveal it to you, guys. Sorry. But you can call by her stage name Jo.e.

2 How often do you practice for your singing gig?

Her Answer:

She sees to it that her gig performance will do really good. But, sometimes, she takes it on a lighter note that she’s trying her best to sing in a gig performance.

3 If you are not preparing for a singing gig, what are the things that you do?

Her Answer:

She has lots of things that she’s doing especially making song covers whenever she has no music gigs.

4 What 3 places in the Philippines that you have visited would you like to visit again?

Her Answer:

She’s really into traveling and the 3 places that she mentioned are places that are really worth reaching for her to travel soon one more time.

5 Describe yourself in one song title and explain,

Her Answer:

She’s very consistent in picking a song title for herself that no one can take music away from her.

This next question is really close to my heart. I asked this for her because I want Jo.e to be special close to my heart as her friend because ever since her Voice Power staging prowess, I saw her courage in singing.

6 If you are going to make a song for me, what could be the possible song title? Why did you chose that?

Her Answer:

Well, all I can say is, I am looking forward to listen to her composition of this song. Jo.e, I request you to do that song for me so that I can be able to put it in my YouTube videos regularly. No time pressure, take your time and send it to me when you have it already.

Next one is really a surprising one.

7 Complete the sentence: Sanay naman ako na _________________

Her Answer:

Speaking of Sanay Naman Ako, listen up MYX Viewers and music fans out there. This Monday, October 15, 2018, Jo.e will launch her single’s music video on MYX Channel 23 on SkyCable and on ABS-CBN TVplus.

Listen and watch Jo.e’s newest Music Video “Sanay Naman Ako” on October 15, 2018 on MYX.

So, to all music lovers out there, don’t miss this chance to see the Official Music Video Premiere of Sanay Naman Ako by Jo.e on Monday, October 15th at 5pm only on MYX: Your Choice, Your Music.

Since we dubbed this blogpost as “Jo.e and Her Dreams”, we will not end this blogpost without asking her simple final question and her dream might come true very SOON.

FINAL QUESTION: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Her Answer:

I will continue to pray for Jo.e so that her dream 5 years from now will come true and that I may join her record label and be the next star like Jo.e who’s dreaming of becoming a musical sensation.

More interviews like this will come your way so keep posted on our Facebook (PERSONAL and PAGE), Twitter and on Instagram for more exclusive interviews and follow Jo.e on her social media accounts. The social media accounts are posted in each photo of the question we have shown to you in this blogpost.

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