WAF/YAF Duties and Sacrificial Lambs: Update 1

Being a part of the Marian organization is never been this easy. You need to do some duties and sacrificial lambs in order for you to be blessed and Mama Mary look at you happily.

This is start of the series of the organization, formation and even the cooperation of mind, body, soul and heart as I share with you my ultimate journey towards being a true Marian devotee.

I have been a Marian devotee ever since I was a kid. I have been a devotee of Our Lady of Fatima in our parish for 15 years now and I cannot stop thanking Mama Mary for guiding and protecting me always.

In that particular span, I have been to numerous parishes, numerous seminars and even numerous formation talks that I have been given to more than hundreds and thousands of peoples in every parish. I have been part of World Apostolate of Fatima and Youth Apostolate of Fatima for 2 years now.

Now, I will begin the journey of a lifetime with this blog post journey of what do I do as a formator and as a member and officer of the organization:

Day 1 Morning: Bocaue, Bulacan Visit of YAF-EPM Team

Last October 9, 2018, yours truly, Raymond Raquedan and Charmine Miranda visited the school of where the YAF delegation is situated and its at Dr. Yanga’s Colleges Inc. situated in Brgy. Waka, Bocaue, Bulacan.

We talked to them on the situation that they must be reorganized in order for them to be recognized and be part of the YAF-EPM delegations in time for the Regional Congress.

After such deliberation, the St. Martin de Tours YAF Chapter team decided to bring back its chapter duties and be able to join such activities. In the end, its going to be a long ride journey for YAF-Diocese of Malolos.

Day 1 Afternoon: Sacrifice in Long Lines just to get to the Padre Pio Heart Relic

Early this month, Padre Pio’s Heart Relic has arrived in Manila. As YAF, we are spiritually under St. Padre Pio and its such an honor for the 3 of us to be part of the organization.

We were supposed to go home after our visit in Bulacan but after we got a text message from our YAF-EPM Youth Coordinator Diosallen Virtudazo that they went to Manila Cathedral to see such heart relic, we had no choice but to go there as well too. We braved also the isolated rainshowers brought about by cloudy skies on that particular day. Such brave hearts, we sacrificed ourselves to get into the long lines along with other Catholic and St. Padre Pio devotees. Alongside that, I decided also to give quick updates of the situation inside the visitation of Heart Relic of Padre Pio by doing several LIVE updates. Below are such recorded Facebook LIVE and YouTube mobile videos:

Sacrifice and braveness is what we have shown here. Watch out for the next blog update only here on “WAF/YAF Duties and Sacrificial Lambs”.

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