In the limelight: Katarina Rodriguez won Miss World PH 2018, other queens crowned

Miss World Philippines 2018 WINNERS: (from Right to Left) 1st Princess: MWP201839 Chanel Morales Miss Multinational Philippines 2018: MWP201835 Kimilei Mugford Miss World PH 2018: MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez Miss Eco Philippines 2018: MWP201816 Maureen Montagne Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2018: MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez 2nd Princess: MWP201811 Pearl Hung

So, it was! The limelight is on for this new queens as they were crowned in the much anticipated conclusion of Miss World Philippines 2018 held straight from the Mall of Asia Arena.

Indeed, 40 lovely ladies strutted the stage from left to right in the anticipation to become Miss World Philippines 2018. Special Awards were given at first at the start of the Grand Coronation Night after they introduced themselves.

First Batch of Special Awards:

MISS BLUE WATER DAY SPA: MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez and MWP201816 Maureen Montagne


MISS COSMO SKIN 2018: MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez

MISS TANDUAY 2018: MWP201816 Maureen Montagne

MISS eRAse PLACENTA: MWP201839 Chanel Morales and MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez


Right there and then, the Miss World Philippines announced the 1st of the 7 of the Fast Track Events.

Here’s what has happened: Last October 1, 2018, during the BYS Holiday Presentation, the Miss World Philippines Candidates strutted their runway in the Miss World Philippines Top Model competition which we also personally saw it at Resorts World Manila with their makeup provided by BYS Cosmetics with 4 new palettes, Berries 2, Peach 2, Prismatic and Unicorn. Among all the 40 candidates, only one stood out and she was named as the Miss BYS PH 2018 and she was none other than Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez and not only that she was considered as the 1st semifinalist in this particular coronation night.

Subsequently, they awarded a new batch of Special Awards after the announcement of the 1st Semifinalist:

Second Batch of Special Awards


MISS GCO-X 2018: MWP201816 Maureen Montagne and MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez

MISS RESORTS WORLD MANILA 2018: MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez

Constantly looking, Katarina Rodriguez stood out among the 40 candidates and was hailed as Best in Long Gown during that night.

Moreover, Fast Track events were awarded in the Miss World Philippines 2018 Grand Coronation Night and this girls made it to the Top 16:

  1. Beach Beauty 2018: MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez
  2. Multimedia Winner: MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez
  3. Sports Challenge 2018: MWP201835 Kimilei Mugford
  4. Top Model 2018: MWP201816 Maureen Montagne
  5. Charity 2018: MWP201805 Kim de Guzman
  6. Talent 2018: MWP201806 Danica Reynes

After the announcement of the fast track winners, ten more names strutted the runway to be crowned as Miss World PH 2018:


  1. MWP201809 Arienne Calingo
  2. MWP201832 Kylah Sanchez
  3. MWP201810 Paulina Labayo
  4. MWP201834 Denielle Denj Magno
  5. MWP201821 Annalita Pagunsan Vizcarra
  6. MWP201814 Monique Tuzon
  7. MWP201831 Cleo Jones
  8. MWP201811 Pearl Hung
  9. MWP201839 Chanel Morales
  10. MWP201823 Marianne Marquez

Right after the Top 16, the hosts asked the people to tweet their bets to whom they wanted to make it to the Top 10, and after quite deliberation, the 16 were reduced to 10:

Top 10:

  1. MWP201832 Kylah Sanchez
  2. MWP201835 Kimilei Mugford
  3. MWP201805 Kim de Guzman
  4. MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez
  5. MWP201834 Denielle Denj Magno
  6. MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez
  7. MWP201823 Marianne Marquez
  8. MWP201816 Maureen Montagne
  9. MWP201811 Pearl Hung
  10. MWP201839 Chanel Morales

After the Top 10 were announced, Miss World 1993 2nd Princess Ruffa Gutierrez and Miss World PH 2017 and Miss World 2017 Semi-finalist Laura Lehmann led the Question and Answer Portion where the candidates will pick one question from the bowl and they were to answer it in a span of 30 seconds.

Top 10 Question and Answer [Thanks to Rappler for the Transcript of Q and A]

MWP201832 Kylah Sanchez

Q: A decreasing number of students go to libraries nor refer to books as a source of information because of the convenience of internet research. Do you think books are a dying form of reference or would you still encourage reading amongst the youth?

A: I firmly believe that books is still a reference for us to learn something. But at the same time, technology on the other hand makes our lives more easier. But for me, if you really love to read books, you can really learn a lot of things from it. And of course, the authors of the books makes a lot of strong… has a lot of things that they have been encountered for them to make the book. On the other hand, when you read electronic books, you can still copy and paste it no matter what. So there is a big difference between them.

MWP201835 Kimilei Mugford

Q: If you were to win the Ultralotto Jackpot, how would you plan to use the winnings?

A: I think this is the perfect question for this specific occasion especially because it’s a beauty pageant. We are all woman standing here in behalf of a specific cause and charity and so for me, I’m raising awareness on substance abuse and drug abuse. So my proceeds from my earnings would go towards that and educating the youth in the Philippines is where I want to start.

MWP201805 Kim de Guzman

Q: If you could address one message to the world, what would it be?

A: If I could address one message to the world, it’s that we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves. We should accept and embrace who we are and face the world with beauty, dedication, and being strong. Thank you very much.

MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez [WINNING ANSWER]

Q: [There are people who] believe that beauty pageants are a form of women exploitation. What can you do to change their opinion?

A: I’d like to think that one should live by example. And I actually would like to admit that I was one of those before, until I learned more about what beauty pageants are about. One thing I can tell you is that you may think it’s very competitive but it’s not. You understand beauty pageants when you know that it is actually not competitive against other women. It’s actually competitive towards yourself. And in a sense, it’s all about woman empowerment. And you can feel that in this group of girls… each girl knows that we are all individually beautiful.

MWP201834 Denielle Denj Magno

Q: The rise of virtual currency, or cryptocurrency, has revolutionized financial services here in the Philippines and in the world. What is your opinion on this?

A: I think the Philippines is very open-minded to this kind of idea, however, I think we should improve our technology first to enable the Filipinos to use it properly for the future. We Filipinos are very appreciative and engaging with this kind of new knowledge that is entering this generation. I think we should always have an open mind with this new technology.

MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez

Q: Inclusivity has become a growing trend these days. In Philippine society, who do you feel are discriminated against and how would you help them in their plight?

A: I think that when it comes to discrimination, it’s not just about race. In the Philippines, one very important social issue we’re facing now is discrimination against women in the workplace. A very important issue we’re facing now is the gender pay gap. I think, personally, your gender should not determine how much you are paid or you get. [The other sentence was missing due to inaudibility and the crowd cheer chant which was the biggest delegation that we saw personally.]

MWP201823 Marianne Marquez

Q: Aside from eliminating the use of plastics, do you have any suggestions with how to address these concerns?

A: I think we should reach out to business owners because a lot of the products we consume already comes in packaging, but if they provide an option for consumers to provide their own packaging or containers, then we could minimize the waste in our planet.

MWP201816 Maureen Montagne

Q: Resilience is defined by how we manage to smile in the most dire circumstances, like in facing typhoons or tragedies. Do you think the Filipino spirit is just about smiling despite the hardships we encounter?

A: I think that Filipinos are so unique that they have these values that I’m very proud of. We are so – not really resilient – but we’re very hardworking. No matter where we go, no matter where in the world, you’ll see that. Filipinos are top leaders. They’re so intelligent, so kind, and they bring the Filipino spirit wherever they go. We should all be very very proud of being Filipinos. Thank you.

MWP201811 Pearl Hung

Q: Who for you is a modern Filipino hero, and why?

A: My modern Filipino hero is, for me, each and every one of us. If there’s a hero that lives inside of us no matter what other people are saying to you, it’s you and you alone who gets to say the final decision of your life. No one can save you, but only you. All of you here are the modern Filipinos. Thank you very much.

MWP201839 Chanel Morales

Q: Women and young girls have always been the target of body shaming on social media. How can you be a spokesperson against this trend with your figure and beauty?

A: I just want to say that I’m here in this competition – I know that other people have expectations of what [a] beauty queen is but I can say that all the other girls, you are all beautiful if you know that you are strong and powerful and you have your family’s support. And you know what you want in your life – then no body shaming or discrimination can bring you down. Me myself, I’ve undergone a lot of bullying but I managed to stand here in front of all of you and be a candidate of Miss World Philippines.

Lovely answers from the Miss World Philippines 2018 Top 10, isn’t it?

Right there and then, the Miss World Philippines 2018 judging panel, which included Miss World 2013 Megan Young had a hard time to choose who among the 10 mentioned above were do they were to crown the new Miss World PH.

After quite some deliberation, it was boiled down to the Crowning Moment, the passing of the crowns of the outgoing Miss World PH 2017 Queens, namely Miss Laura Lehmann, Miss World PH 2017; Miss Cynthia Thomalia, Miss Eco PH 2017 and reigning Miss Eco International 2018; Miss Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez, Reina Hispanoamericana PH 2017 and reigning Reina Hispanoamericana 2017; and Miss Sophia Señoron, Miss Multinational PH 2017 and reigning Miss Multinational 2017, happened and it was successful. So, with this ladies and gents, here are your newly crowned Miss World PH 2018 Queens:

Miss World PH 2018: Katarina Rodriguez

MWP201827 Katarina Rodriguez

Reina Hispanoamericana PH 2018: Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez

MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach

Miss Eco PH 2018: Maureen Montagne

MWP201816 Maureen Montagne

Miss Multinational PH 2018: Kimilei Mugford

MWP35 Kimi Mugford

1st Princess: Chanel Morales

MWP201839 Chanel Morales

2nd Princess: Pearl Hung

With this, we thank you for joining us on the Miss World Philippines 2018 Journey, but the coverage has to close with new blogpost which is beyond the limelight as we got an interview with some of the Miss World Philippines 2018 Candidates after that fascinating Coronation Night.

Until next year for the #RoadtoMissWorldPH coverage.

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