Miss World 2018 Online Blog Coverage: Coming SOON!

This October, ItsJM Life will bring you the entire coverage of #MissWorld2018.

What’s in store on the entire Miss World 2018 Coverage?

A. Get to know more about the Miss World 2018 candidates. We might not have done it in Miss World Philippines 2018, but, we will be doing the Get to know the candidates in the start of the Miss World 2018 Online Blog Coverage. Get to know more about the Miss World Candidates, what do they do and what they’re up to right now.

B. Reader’s Choice Poll: Like in Miss World Philippines 2018, we will be doing also a Reader’s Choice Poll for Miss World 2018 but its gonna be in 2 different categories… Miss World 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll (covering all the candidates) and Miss World 2018 Continent’s Reader’s Choice Poll (covering candidates from each continent). It doesn’t necessarily mean that when it comes to continent polls, the countries covering such continent can only vote for their favorite candidate, people from all over the world can also vote for their favorite in the continent and the country that they have favorites. The poll will start this month of October, so, better keep an eye out once the poll starts.

C. Online Blog Coverage: The Miss World pageant competition might be in Sanya, China, but, ItsJM Life will keep up to date of what’s up with the candidates and what they do to keep their pageant competition come alive.

That’s all gonna happen this month of October down to the Miss World Grand Coronation Night 2018 which will happen on the 8th of December 2018.

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