Meeting of the Blogger and the Reader’s Choice Poll Winner: ItsJM Life’s #MWP2018 Reader’s Choice Poll Winner Interview

As mentioned in our last blog post, our Miss World PH 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll was run from Aug. 23, 2018 to midnight of the Grand Coronation Night day of Miss World Philippines 2018 where a massive more than 37,000 votes were gathered and collected for that particular coverage of Reader’s Choice Poll and after 45 days, you crowned Cleopatra Jones as your Miss World PH 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll Queen.

Right after the Miss World PH 2018 Grand Coronation Night, we waited for the candidates to come out and one of those candidates was the Reader’s Choice Poll Queen:

[Full Transcript below]

ItsJM Life: I am with your crowned on the Miss World Philippines 2018 on the Reader’s Choice ItsJM Life; Miss World Philippines Candidate # 31 Cleopatra Jones. So, what can you say about that poll result that you were ranked as number 1?

Cleopatra Jones: Oh my gosh! Well, all I can say is: Thank you so much. I never knew that I had so many fans out there. Even though I didn’t take home the crown, I am happy that I made it on to your blog and made your support. So, thank you so much guys!

ItsJM Life: So, what’s your next plan?

Cleopatra Jones: Well, I think that I’m not gonna stop here with my pageantry. I think I will continue and maybe I can come back for Binibini in a few years when I am here in the Philippines.

ItsJM Life: Wow!

Cleopatra Jones: We’ll see what happens.

ItsJM Life: All right! Thank you so much and that’s your Miss World Philippines Candidate # 31 Cleo Jones, your crowned Miss World Philippines on our ItsJM Life’s 2018 Miss World Philippines Reader’s Choice Poll.

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