ItsJM Life #MWP2018 Readers Choice Poll: Final Results tabulated! Top 15 finally revealed!

Last Aug. 23, 2018, we have opened the Reader’s Choice poll to the public and we are so happy that we are announcing the official tallied Reader’s Choice Poll final counted votes:

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite Miss World Philippines candidate for this year. We are hoping that you’ll still be supporting this blogsite for next year’s Reader’s Choice Poll.

With this, we are happily pleased to announce your voted finalists and their potential predicted rankings for the Miss World Philippines 2018: [Note: This final tallied votes are based upon the criteria that we have set since last Aug. 23, 2018 until the closing of the voting at around midnight today, Oct. 7, 2018, 60% for WordPress and 40% for Facebook.]

Here are your voted Top 15: [Legend: WP – WordPress, FB – Facebook]

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  1. Miss World Philippines 2018: MWP201831: Cleo Jones [WP: 60%; FB: 12.75%; Total: 72.75%]
  2. Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2018: MWP201835: Kimi Mugford [WP: 19.88%, FB: 40%; Total: 59.88%]
  3. Miss Eco-Philippines 2018: MWP201826: Joemay-an Leo [WP: 7.94%; FB: 21.98%; Total: 29.92%]
  4. Miss Multinational Philippines 2018: MWP201825: Crystal Freedman [WP: 22.71%; FB: 5.50%; Total: 28.21%]
  5. 1st Princess: MWP201803: Barmae Chua [WP: 3.88%; FB: 3.30%; Total: 7.18%]
  6. 2nd Princess: MWP201821: Annalita Vizcarra [WP: 4.26%; FB: 0.66%; Total: 4.92%]
  7. Top 10: MWP201840: Tamara Caballero [WP: 0.56%; FB: 1.54; Total: 2.10%]
  8. Top 10: MWP201824: Eiffel Rosalita [WP: 0.58%; FB: 1.10%; Total: 1.68%]
  9. Top 10: MWP201830: Rose Murphy [WP: 0.70%; FB: 0.88%; Total: 1.58%]
  10. Top 10: MWP201833: Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez [WP: 0.42%; FB: 1.10%; Total: 1.52%]
  11. Top 15: MWP201827: Katarina Rodriguez [WP: 0.41; FB: 1.10%; Total: 1.51%]
  12. Top 15: MWP201836: Crissia del Atienza [WP: 0.81%; FB: 0.44%; Total: 1.25%]
  13. Top 15: MWP201816: Maureen Montagne [WP: 0.29%; FB: 0.88%; Total: 1.17%]
  14. Top 15: MWP201806: Marie Danica Reynes [WP: 0.64%; FB: 0.44%; Total: 1.08%]
  15. Top 15: MWP201834: Denielle Denj Magno [WP: 0.32%; FB: 0.66%; Toital 0.98%]

Thanks to everyone who voted for their favorite Miss World Philippines 2018 candidate. Watch out for the official Coronation Night Results right after the LIVE Coronation Night tonight which will be happening LIVE at the Mall of Asia Arena starting at 7pm and the delayed telecast will be at 10:30pm on GMA7’s SNBO.

Follow ItsJM Life on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the full blast blow-by-blow coverage of the Miss World Philippines 2018 Grand Coronation Night.

Until next year for another round of Reader’s Choice Poll for Miss World Philippines 2018. Stay tuned around this month for the opening of Miss World 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll!

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