Boiling down to the point… ItsJM Life’s Miss World PH 2018 Queens Row Final Hotpicks [Part 1]

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Its officially the eve of Miss World Philippines 2018 Grand Coronation Night. Its where all of their final moves, final touches and even final tracks all boils down to a purpose… to be a queen of Beauty with a Purpose.

But, before its Grand Coronation Night, let ItsJM Life give you its final hotpicks for the said competition where it will be the basis of whether our picks will be the lifetime chance to continue its updates or not. Let me begin with the Queens Row:

I am wondering before why did I dubbed my Queens Row Final Hotpicks as “Boiling down to the point”… But, in the long run, here are 3 main reasons why did I picked this 6 as my predicted Queens:

  1. The Independence of Eiffel Rosalita

Okay, let me put it this way, it might not say that during the early updates of Miss World Philippines 2018 that we featured Eiffel Rosalita [READ: The Charm of a Newbie in International Pageants: Eiffel Janell Rosalita for Miss World Philippines] on the limelight but we also featured some of the candidates and not just Eiffel’s catch. Eiffel, being independent and not part of any charming queen group like KF or A&Q, I saw some light shedding on her. In the long run, she might be an underdog for some people, some might give an eye-up for it. But, nevertheless, she can surpass everything most especially when the so called Multimedia and Beauty with a Purpose, the final 2 fast track events can boil down to this very moment… Eiffel will surely hit either of this two if it prevails.

2. Camaraderie of Katarina Rodriguez and Rose Murphy

Okay, let’s begin with Katarina Rodriguez who might be also the picks of other beauty pageant bloggers like Norman Tinio’s Who’s afraid of Katarina Rodriguez: Second-guessing Miss World Philippines 2018.

They might say that Katarina might have joined Binibining Pilipinas 2017, but with her determination and camaraderie in the long run, the MWP2018 Candidate # 27 might get the Miss World Philippines 2018 Crown. But, there might be a upgrade on her once her stint rises up, she might either get a fast track on where she gets her finalists stall [Katarina gets 3 Finalist spots in 3 of the 4 Fast Track events which have been finished: Sports Competition, Beach Beauty and Top Model]. Once, she gets one of it, she has a bigger chance to do it.

Same thing with Rose Murphy. Rose Murphy got multiple finalist appearances [Rose did a stunning 2 Finalist spots in 2 of the 4 out of the 6 Fast Track events: Talent and Sports Competition] and I can say that Rose might be an underdog or dark horse for some, but Rose can rise to the occasions during the Grand Coronation Night.

Stay tuned for the 3rd and final reason as we continue to depict and give you our final hotpicks in our next blogpost which will be posted this afternoon.

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