#MWP2018 ItsJM Life’s Reader’s Choice Poll Update: 2 days before Grand Coronation Night Update

With 2 days before the Grand Coronation Night, ItsJM Life is appreciative of all those who voted for your favorite Miss World Philippines 2018 Update, but, sad to say, the Reader’s Choice Poll is about to finish… So, make sure that your votes count as the poll closes at 12 midnight, October 7, 2018, Manila Time.

As of 8:12pm, October 5, 2018, Manila Time, the total votes gathered is totaling to almost 34,000 votes. I am sure that you can make it to 50,000 votes before the voting ends. Once 12 midnight of October 6, 2018 strikes, the voting will be stripping off to a countdown. [Results will be hidden for the mean time until the closing of poll results.]

Once the countdown above is over, the votes will be tabulated to a final count and will announce the final results few hours before the Grand Coronation Night.


Poll Results Update as of 8:12pm, October 5, 2018, Manila Time

Top 15 (Combined Facebook and WordPress Results):

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  1. Cleo Jones
  2. Kimi Mugford
  3. Crystal Velasco Freedman
  4. Joemay-an Leo
  5. Barmae Chua
  6. Annalita Pagunsan Vizcarra
  7. Tamara Caballero
  8. Eiffel Rosalita
  9. Alyssa Muhlach
  10. Rose Murphy
  11. Crissia del Atienza
  12. Katarina Rodriguez
  13. Marie Danica Reynes
  14. Maureen Montagne
  15. Maisa Margarita Llanes

Top 15 WordPress Poll Results:

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1. Cleo Jones

2. Crystal Velasco Freedman

3. Kimi Mugford

4. Joemay-an Leo

5. Annalita Pagunsan Vizcarra

6. Barmae Chua

7. Crissia del Atienza

8. Maisa Margarita Llanes

9. Marie Danica Reynes

10. Eiffel Rosalita

11. Katrina Zayas Acaylar

12. Tamara Caballero

13. Chanel Morales

14. Rose Murphy

15. Gianna Llanes

Top 6 Facebook Poll Results [Most of the candidates are in tiebreaker ranking, so, only the Top 6 will be shown]:

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  1. Kimi Mugford
  2. Joemay-an Leo
  3. Cleo Jones
  4. Crystal Velasco Freedman
  5. Barmae Chua
  6. Tamara Caballero
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