Miss World 2018: The competition is on!

2 months away before the Miss World Pageant that will happen on Dec. 8, 2018 at Sanya, China. ItsJM Life will bring full exclusive online coverage updates to what’s up with the pageant, plus, there’ll be Online Reader’s Choice Poll that will start within this month of October 2018.

Its another year of world of beauty with a purpose as The 68th Miss World pageant is on. This year, 118 expected queens from all over the world will be competing to be crowned as NEW Miss World where last year’s Miss World from India in the name of Manushi Chhillar will be passing on the crown to her successor to which its Grand Coronation Night is on December 8, 2018 to be held in Sanya, China. There are still 5 countries to where they will be crowning their queen and one of that countries is Philippines of which ItsJM Life will be covering the whole coverage of the Grand Coronation Night on October 7, 2018 LIVE straight from Mall of Asia Arena. [Miss World Philippines 2018 Coverage: Follow Miss World Philippines 2018 coverage by clicking HERE]MISS WORLD 2018 will be full again of colorful journey as expected 118 queens will be competing for a Beauty with A Purpose. In the next coming days, ItsJM Life will be bringing new updates on Miss World pageant plus a launch of the Miss World 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll.

This year’s Reader’s Choice Poll will be determined through series of groups by continents and in one whole group. In this way, we will determine who’s your Continental Queen of Beauty like what other Miss World pageants in the past years have. So, this year, ItsJM Life will bring several polls, one whole main poll and poll by continent.

ItsJM Life will give every step of the way for the competition of this year’s Miss World and will give several Hot Picks as well.

Join ItsJM Life on its online blog coverage of Miss World 2018 starting on this point of time.

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