Jessa Louise T. Peregrina: Tougher, Braver and Beautiful (Up-close and Personal Online Chat Interview)

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#ItsJMLifeOnlineExclusives is the newest segment here on ItsJM Life where you’ll get an online exclusive (whether chat or video interviews) with queens, artists and even more of YouTube vloggers and so much more. This will run everytime there’s someone who will answer our tough questions on the online chat with the person. But, for our 1st episode of this Online Exclusive Chat Interview, we will be posting 2 online chat interviews today. First, let’s get to know more about Jessa Louise T. Peregrina, a captivating lady with charming beauty and witty mind who has charm for beauty pageants and even more.

In our recent post regards to the #StyleMavens competition, Jessa is braver enough to share her prowess as she was selected as one of the 30 finalists during its press launching at SM City Dasmariñas. [LOOK: 30 Male and 30 Female candidates vie for the crown for #StyleMavens2018]

Now, let’s get to know more about Jessa Louise by looking on her brighter side of this light but tough questions that we asked to her.

Her portrait shot during her Bb. Tanza Competition 2018 where she finished as semi-finalist [Photo Credits with Permission: Jessa Louise T. Peregrina from her Facebook-Click on the photo to check out on what’s new about Jessa by following her.]

Sounds quite interesting when you read her answer to our 1st question of “What is the one thing that you could do in order to save the conscience of young ladies.” As you can see in the photo, she emphasizes that young ladies must be God-fearing and be able to clearly state that she can be a role model because she has a trait of being God-fearing person and not only that, she’s also kind.

This is the confidence that I wanted to see in any braver and fiercer beauty queen. Truthful enough, with her numerous achievements in her stint as beauty queen, she’s 100% confident to show herself by getting it with charm.

Who else has an answer similar to Jessa? We must be proud of our parents especially when our passion is our motivation and our parents are one of our motivations to do what will be good for us. That’s what Jessa can show and tell to the whole world that’s she’s proud of her parents.

This looks quite interesting. According to Jessa, if she was a thing she would be a tree. Its very true that tree has more functions in life. Every part of the tree has its own function which in real life, she sees to it that every one must have a function in our own little life. As they say “Life is too short.”

Confidence, Responsibility and God-fearing. Youth, show some love for Jessa. She is really a true leadership by example that we must be confident to ourselves and be able to develop ourselves to the best of our ability.

In the end, we must have a developing mind that we must do hardwork in order to get what we wish for as like what Jessa’s motto has to say.

Do you have any other questions for Jessa? Post them in the comments section down below with the #ItsJMLifeJessaLouise and #ToughBraveBeautifulJessa. You can also tweet us your questions for Jessa at our official Twitter account or send them via Messenger in our Facebook page.

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