Miss World PH 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll Update: Votes have overshot to over 22,000 votes in the current run.

Thank you, blog readers and followers. You made so known worldwide due to this Miss World PH 2018 Updates that we are having regularly. Now, as of 3:41am PH Time (09/26/2018), votes have overshoot to 22,506 votes with an average of 564.08 votes. You really guys did share the polls every now and then and you patiently clicked on that pop-up poll on WordPress… I am really impressed with your support guys.

Keep on voting for your favorite Miss World PH 2018 Candidate by clicking HERE and HERE. Its almost 11 days to go before casting vote ends. Make sure you vote wisely for your favorite candidate. Due to our LIVE watching on Oct 7, 2018 which we will cover every single spot of coverage on the Miss World PH 2018 Grand Coronation Night, we will close the voting at 12mn of Oct. 7, 2018 instead of 12pm to give way to the final count of votes overall and the votes per country and US state in the main WordPress poll which we will barely announce the final casted votes and be the basis for the Finals Night if your votes have delivered so well.

Keep calm and keep on voting guys! VOTE WISELY!

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