Miss World Philippines 2018 Update: 1st 3 Fast Track Events Update, ItsJM Life’s 1st Picks and Top Prediction Picks

12 days to go before the Miss World PH 2018. Click on the image to secure your Grand Coronation Night tickets.

Its 12 days before the much-awaited Grand Coronation Night of Miss World Philippines 2018 to be held LIVE at the SM Mall of Asia Arena at 7pm on October 7, 2018. (READ: Miss World Philippines 2018 Grand Coronation Night Ticket Prices)

But before that much-awaited night of all nights, let’s take a quick recap on the finalists of the 1st 3 Fast Track Events that held earlier in the past few weeks since the competition has started.#MWP2018 Candidates in their Talent Form

Last Sept. 12, 2018, the Miss World Philippines 2018 candidates competed in the Talent Night Competition where they showcased their entire talents by showcasing their creativity. The Final 7 was picked on that day and they’ll showcase their talent one more time during the Charity Gala Night on October 2, 2018 at Manila Marriott Grand Ballroom. Here are the Finalists of the Talent Night Competition:

Presenting the 7 talent finalists of Miss World Philippines 2018: #6 – Marie Danica Reynes, #7 – Angeline Mae Santos, #10 – Paulina Labayo, #25 – Crystal Freedman, #30 – Rose Marie Murphy, #33 – Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, #35 – Kimilei Mugford

#MWP2018 Beach Beauty Competition in El Nido, Palawan

Meanwhile, last Sept. 20, 2018, the Beach Beauty Competition was held in El Nido, Palawan where all the 40 candidates have ramped their swimwear and beach body wear. We have recorded LIVE this on my official Facebook Personal Profile and you can watch them HERE and HERE to watch it again [Sorry if there are noises around the LIVE video. My mom and I are analyzing the swimwear of each candidate.]

To see in photo action all of the beachwear and swimsuit of all the Miss World Philippines 2018 candidates, check this blog post to see them.

Aside from the special awards that were awarded during the Beach Beauty Competition [See the full recorded LIVE video of the Special Awards announcement HERE], on that same night, the Finalists of the said competition were announced. They are:

The 7 Finalists of the Beach Beauty Competition are as follows: #11 – Pearl Hung, #16 – Maureen Montagne, #20 – Angelica Estrevillo, #27 – Katarina Rodriguez, #32 – Kylah Sanchez, #33 – Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, and #39 – Chanel Morales

#MWP2018 exudes their physique, stamina and confidence

Finally, last Sept. 24, 2018, the Miss World Philippines 2018 lovely candidates have strengthened their physique and their stamina in the Sports Competition that was held in Victoria Sports Tower. 40 candidates were divided into each teams and the team of Rose Murphy [Photo Highlights of the Sports Competition can be seen HERE and credits to Rose Murphy for her widest coverage highlights of the Sports Competition.]

In the end, the Blue Team won the competition and here are your finalists for the Sports Competition:

Presenting the ladies who has muscles to show up in the Sports Competition: #4 – Inna Penales, #5 – Kim De Guzman, #12 – Neesha Murjani, #19 – Jerelleen Alix Rodriguez, #23 – Marianne Marquez, #27 – Katarina Rodriguez, #30 – Rose Marie Murphy, #31 – Cleopatra Jones, #35 – Kimilei Mugford, and #36 – Crissia del Atienza

One of this candidates in each track will get fast-tracked and will advance to the Final 15 spot.

#MWP2018ItsJMLife’s Top Picks

Now, for the most serious part. Internalizing everything in the part of my life, being a previous Obsessive Beauty Pageant Fan blogger, now incorporating it in the ItsJM Life blog, let me present to you my ultimate 1st picks for the whole competition and top prediction picks per each competition held before.

First, let’s enumerate the Top 15 picks that I have and take note that some of them are also my Top Prediction picks for the competitions mentioned above.

Take note of this: This has been based on ItsJM Life blogger’s assessment on the competitive participation of each candidate, the Reader’s Choice Poll and the assessment of each candidate based on their Instagram Posts and Facebook posts.

Let’s start off with the Top 11-15:

1st Top Picks of ItsJM Life for Top 11-15 ranks: MWP201833 Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, MWP201823 Marianne Marquez, MWP201807 Angeline Mae Santos, MWP201824 Eiffel Rosalita and MWP201810 Paulina Labayo

This 5 girls exude their beauty glam and confidence in all of the activities most especially in Fast Track events. One candidate has made my eye-catch and this is none other than MWP201824, Eiffel Rosalita. Eiffel, from Bulacan, charmed herself that every competition has her heart out. In other terms, Eiffel really excels in her performance everytime she competes in every event. You can follow Eiffel’s journey on here FB Personal Profile, FB Page and on her Instagram account.

Next up, the Top 7-10. This next 4 girls have been exemplary showing their competitiveness in the entire pageant competition and they might be either leveling up on their journey after the pageant is over.

Presenting the 4 ladies who might enter the competition are ItsJM Life’s #MWP2018 1st Top 7-10 Picks are: MWP201805 Kim de Guzman, MWP201808 Pauline Deveraturda, MWP201815 Maisa Margarita Llanes and MWP201809 Arienne Calingo

Now, Final 6 may have excelled in some of the performances but one stand out among the 6… Presenting the 2 Princesses and the 4 queen whom we picked as the Queen 6 of Miss World Philippines 2018 on this 1st picks special.

Let’s start with the Runners-up or the 1st and 2nd Princess:

Princesses at its finest. Our predicted 1st and 2nd Princess for our 1st Top Picks. MWP201813 Michelle Oliva as 1st Princess and MWP201826 Joemay-an Leo as 2nd Princess

To top it off, here are my 1st Picks for Queen Crowns:

Our 1st Top Pick Predicted Queens: MWP201816 Maureen Montagne for Miss World PH 2018, MWP201806 Marie Danica Reynes for Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2018, MWP201814 Monique Tuzon for Miss Eco PH 2018 and MWP201838 Katrina Zayas Acaylar for Miss Multinational PH 2018

This are only the 1st Top Picks… There are 3 more events [Top Model which will happen on October 1, the Multimedia and Beauty with a Purpose Fast Track events] that will be determined and upon that, we will reveal to you our Final Picks before the Grand Coronation Night.

#MWP2018 Top Picks for the Fast Track Events

As we have mentioned awhile ago, in each of the Fast Track competition events, there are candidates who have excelled their exuding confidence in either Talent, Sports or even their shining glam in the Beach Beauty Competition. ItsJM Life will present their predicted Top Winner and Runners-up for each of the finished Fast Track events and this will be only once.

The Talent Competition Predicted Top Winner and Runners-up:

Predicted Winner: MWP201835 Kimi Mugford
Runners-up: MWP201825 Crystal Velasco Freedman and MWP201806 Marie Danica Reynes

Here are ItsJM Life’s Top Predicted Winners and Runners-up for Beach Beauty Competition:

Predicted Winner: MWP201820 Angelica Estrevillo Runners-up: MWP201811 Pearl Hung and MWP201839 Chanel Morales

Finally, ItsJM Life presents to you the Top Picks for the Sports Competition:

Predicted Winner: MWP201836 Crissia del Atienza
Runners-up: MWP201835 Kimi Mugford, MWP201812 Neesha Murjani, MWP201804 Inna Penales and MWP201819 Jerelleen Rodriguez

On our next update, we will be posting a new update on who’s your current picks for Miss World PH 2018 in the Miss World PH 2018 Reader’s Choice Poll Update. Keep on voting for your favorites HERE and voting will end on Oct 7, 2018, PH Time. (Exact time will be announced on our next update as we will adjust the schedule.)

Follow us here and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more updates and countdown blast to the Grand Coronation Night of Miss World Philippines 2018.

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