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Let’s keep it calm because ITS…

Photo Credits to Nathan Ruehle [Visit Nathan Ruehle’s blogs by clicking on the photo. This blogger has an awesome blog about Christmas.]
YES, indeed! And since its 90 days before Christmas, its the ultimate start of:

Here’s a quick random reason why we didn’t started the Berbest Blogs last Sept. 1, 2018 before we jump to what we have seen in an SM Mall nearest to us…

I was supposed to start the Berbest blogs series last Sept. 1, 2018 here on, but unfortunately, due to that unconsciously unexpected surprising schedule of activities that happened within the 1st few weeks of September, I wasn’t able to start the blog series of Berbest here on the official site. But, nonetheless, check out some of the Berbest post highlights on my personal Facebook profile.

So, that’s the only short reason why I wasn’t able to start the Berbest Blog series here on which was supposedly started last Sept. 1, 2018. But, don’t you worry, I will give you still of what happened and what will happen in the next moments. So, I’m inviting you to join with me on a journey towards the Holiday season. Welcome to the official 1st Day of BERBEST Blog Series only here on

BERBEST SERIES BLOG # 1: #MerryChriSMs Early Treat

You might have probably heard of this Christmas jingle on all SM Supermalls nationwide. YES, its indeed another year of happy cheers and glad tidings at SM Supermalls. In celebration of it, the hashtag #MerryChriSMs is indeed another yet awesome hashtag that will trend in the next coming days as shoppers in all SM Supermalls shops for the Christmas season.

The Bears of Joy project which is supposedly to launch November this year, like in the past years, this year 2018 was quite different. So, I went to an SM Mall nearest to me (which is of course SM City Fairview) and to my surprise, I was able to see an early treat for all SM Shoppers.

YES! You’ve read it RIGHT! The SM Supermalls launches this year 2018 at an early state the SM Cares’ program every yuletide season dubbed as Bears of Joy. Its our 7th YEAR to see this project and indeed, I am going to donate again this year for the 7th Year in a row. Last year, I had a vlog post about this SM Cares’ Bears of Joy which made much more views of it. So, I would like to share with you what this Bears of Joy project is all about and how could you be able to donate to this massive project for a cause by SM Supermalls and SM Cares.

1st Vlog: SM Olaf Frozen Adventure 2018 [Watch until 7:33 minute]

2nd Vlog: Vlogmas Day 11

SM Cares’ Bears of Joy program is an initiative of SM Supermalls and SM Cares to bring happiness to chosen charities chosen by the SM mall and bringing happiness to everyone. The initiative of this project started in the year 2012. Now, on its 7th year, the SM Cares #BearsofJoy project will reach out again to more children who will receive happiness. Since 2012, over 100,000 bears have been given to give 100,000 smiles to the children given that this SM Bears of Joy will continue to spread happiness to more children this Yuletide Season.

Now, for the fun part… Here’s my story of why I am donating bears every year to this charitable project of SM Supermalls and SM Cares

I have donated Bears of Joy since its launch in the year 2012 (My 1st bear donation was November 2012.) Its fun and fulfilling that when you share the happiness by donating the bear, it feels like that I was there donating the bear to a child who will share the happiness to me. Here’s the 1st 2 pairs of bears that I have donated ever since in the launch of this project’s Bears of Joy.


Since then, I was able to spread happiness and was able to donate every year for the Bears of Joy project as initiated by SM Supermalls.

7th YEAR of Bears of JOY: Early #ChristmaSMoments Treat

Unlike in the past years, SM Bears of Joy project usually starts during the launch of the holiday displays in selected SM Supermalls nationwide. But, this year, the #ChristmaSMoments treat made it earlier. Last Sept. 16, 2018, the 7th Year of Bears of Joy project was launched. Now, on its 8th day, shoppers who will drop by at the booth of Bears of Joy gets a chance to donate a bear to a child to the chosen charity of a particular SM Mall and the other one is theirs to keep.

So, how could you donate to the SM Bears of Joy?

For every 200php single receipt purchase of 1 pair Bears of Joy, you have the option to keep the 1st bear and donate the 2nd bear or you can even donate both of them to the chosen charity of that particular SM mall of which you purchased it.

Although the SM Bears of Joy have started already, in a mall nearest me which is SM Fairview, few shoppers have donated so far bears for this particular project. Below is a video clip of our spycam of what’s happening as of now in the SM Bears of Joy project in SM City Fairview:

So, this year, make it a habit to donate to the SM Cares’ Bears of Joy project, now on its 7th Year. The Bears of Joy project will run until Christmas Day, December 25th 2018.

More #ChristmaSMoments will come your way in the next coming days as I will tour more SM Supermalls around Metro Manila to check on the activities leading to Christmas Season.

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