Miss World Philippines 2018 Poll Update: Sept. 11, 2018

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ItsJM Life will be bringing for the 1st time the real-time daily results of your voting powers in our ongoing Reader’s Choice POLL (VOTE: Miss World Philippines 2018’s ItsJM Life Reader’s Choice).Starting today, Sept. 11, 2018, we will be bringing daily results on the posts but we will still update the WEEKLY Reader’s Choice Results every Saturday at 9pm (beginning Sept. 22, 2018, PH Time).

Here’s the current results of your Reader’s Choice voting powers as of 4pm, Sept. 11, 2018. The criteria for voting is based on the following:

WordPress Polls – 60%

Facebook Poll – 40%

[NOTE: Links are found in the Miss World Philippines 2018’s ItsJM Life Reader’s Choice post.]

Current Results of Top 10 Reader’s Choice of Miss World Philippines 2018 as of 4pm, Sept. 11, 2018 [Photo Credits: Miss World Philippines Organization Facebook Page]

Top 10 of Miss World Philippines 2018’s ItsJM Life Reader’s Choice Poll (Sept. 11, 2018; 4pm Manila Time)

Current Total Votes Garnered Overall (as of 4pm): 9,777 votes

  1. MWP201835: Kimi Mugford – 98.92%
  2. MWP201831: Cleo Jones – 75.80%
  3. MWP201827: Joemay-an Leo – 73.44%
  4. MWP201803: Barmae Chua – 21.19%
  5. MWP201825: Crystal Velasco Freedman – 7.91%
  6. MWP201840: Tamara Caballero – 4.31%
  7. MWP201806: Marie Danica Reynes – 3.63%
  8. MWP201826: Katarina Rodriguez – 2.59%
  9. MWP201839: Chanel Morales.- 2.54%
  10. MWP201836: Crissia del Atienza – 2.50%

Is your candidate not in the Top 10 List? You still have 26 days to vote for your favorites HERE. Voting ends Oct. 7, 2018 at 12pm, Manila Time.

We will keep you updated with the latest DAILY RESULTS and with the introduction of the candidates only here on the MWP2018 Update on ItsJM Life.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We will be uploading a new video on our YouTube channel featuring the Official Headshots of the Miss World PH 2018 candidates. Watch out for it SOON. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our channel and TURN ON the bell notification to be notified when the new video is up on my channel.

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