[UPDATE]: Miss World Philippines 2018 Official Numbering and New Candidate (Update on Candidates List)

Last August 31, 2018, there have been 2 events that happened in Miss World Philippines 2018 and one candidate backed-out of the competition. Who was the candidate that backed-out? Here’s a new update for Miss World Philippines 2018.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite candidate. See HERE for details.Official Numbering of the Candidates

Last August 31, 2018, Victoria Sports Complex has been boomed off with the official numbering of Miss World Philippines 2018 Candidates and here are the official numbering of the candidates [NOTE: There was one candidate who backed-out of the competition. Read down below after seeing the official numbering to find out who she is.]

Miss World Philippines 2018 Official Numbering. [UPDATE: Candidate # 15 was supposed to be for Maria Gail Devora Tobes but it was given to Maisa Margarita Llanes who was in addition to the list of candidates.]
What happened to the other candidate? Ma. Gail Tobes explained why

Last Friday (Aug. 31, 2018), someone has backed out of the competition. She’s Maria Gail Devora Tobes. Few hours after the official numbering of the candidates, Maria Gail Tobes explained why she backed-out of the competition.

That same day, in her Facebook post, she explained that she will back out of the competition due to uncontrollable circumstances. Here’s a screenshot grabbed from her Facebook post.

Maria Gail Devora Tobes explains why she backed out of the competition.

Goodluck to your future projects, Maria Gail Devora Tobes,

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