Miss World Philippines 2018 Update: Make-up Challenge Event (#BYSxMWP2018)

Here comes another update for Miss World Philippines 2018. The events are recap (or summary) and they are based upon either the candidate’s LIVE post or on the official social media accounts of Miss World Philippines.

We will show you what happened during Tuesday’s Make-up Challenge.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Miss World Philippines Candidate after watching all of the videos. See HERE for details on how to vote for your candidate.MISS WORLD PHILIPPINES 2018 EVENT: MAKE-UP CHALLENGE

Last Tuesday (Sept. 4, 2018), the Miss World Philippines candidates did a make-up challenge which was sponsored by BYS Cosmetics PH and was held at the Center for Aesthetics Studies. Some of the candidates do fight for the challenge by going LIVE on their Facebook accounts. Here are some of the LIVE posts of the candidates which was recorded on their Facebook LIVE accounts:

[DISCLAIMER: This are random videos and they’re not according to the rank. This videos are based on the Facebook search results. We will be giving a separate post on who’s our picks after we have watched all of the Make-up Challenge posts.]

#AbbyDizorvestheWorld: MWP Candidate # 28 Abby Dizor
#AlyssafortheWorld: MWP Candidate # 33 Alyssa Muhlach
MWP Candidate # 32 Kylah Sanchez
MWP Candidate # 26 Katarina Rodriguez
#MJforMWP2018: MWP Candidate # 29 Mary Jeanne Boniao

#TeamRosas: MWP Candidate # 30 Rose Murphy

#ericanumber1: MWP Candidate # 1 Erica Larkins
#KJfortheWorld: MWP Candidate # 18 Kathryn Jade Cudiamat
MWP Candidate # 4 Bettina Penales

#2gether4Eiffel: MWP Candidate # 24 Eiffel Rosalita

MWP Candidate # 3 Barmae Chua
MWP Candidate # 23 Marianne Marquez
#GiannaforMWP: MWP Candidate # 37 Gianna Llanes
MWP Candidate # 14 Angelica Tuzon
#MundoforMagno: MWP Candidate # 34 Denielle Denj Magno
#MICHWORLD2018: MWP Candidate # 13 Michelle Oliva
#NeeshaFortheWorld: MWP Candidate # 12 Neesha Murjani
#JERtotheWorld: MWP Candidate # 19 Jerelleen Rodriguez
#Candidate17: MWP Candidate # 17 Maria Divine Angela Veranga
These are some of the LIVE broadcasts of the Make-up Challenge from Miss World Philippines candidates.
Who’s make-up challenge did you attract the most? Support them by voting on our poll HERE.
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