Miss Millennial Philippines 2018: Get to Know More about Miss Millennial Batanes

Saan mang sulok ng Pilipinas, mula Batanes hanggang Jolo, may Philippine Millenial na pambato. Miss Millenial Philippines 2018: NOW OPEN!

Previously, we have introduced the candidates of Miss Millennial Philippines and opened a poll for you, our readers for the said pageant (READ: Meet the 40 candidates of Miss Millennial Philippines 2018)

Now, we shall introduce the candidates of Miss Millennial Philippines 2018 which started last August 27, 2018. ItsJM Life will bring to life each candidate and the city she represents which was featured in Eat Bulaga in summary.

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Let’s begin the introduction with Miss Millennial Batanes 2018.

Let’s get to know more about the Breathtaking Batanes through Ms. Ma. Ellena Velasco, Miss Millennial Batanes 2018. [Photo Credits: Eat Bulaga Facebook Page]
BREATHTAKING BATANES. That’s what Miss Millennial Batanes has described when she speaks about her province. Today, let’s get to know more about Miss Maria Ellena Velasco, Miss Millennial Batanes 2018.

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Last Monday, August 27, 2018, Miss Millennial Batanes took us on an epic journey towards Breathtaking Batanes. She took us on a ride to tourist destinations that we can see when we get there in the near future. Indeed, Batanes is really breathtaking.

Miss Maria Ellena Velasco or simply Len is a BS International Travel and Tourism Management Student from Batanes who was crowned lately as Miss Batanes 2018. She has confessed during the opening of Miss Millennial Philippines during the backstage interview on Eat Bulaga’s Facebook page that she is the 1st candidate to represent Batanes in the said pageant. She’s the 1st Ivatan to represent in Miss Millennial Philippines this year.


Why did Len coined Batanes as BREATHTAKING?

Based on her interview stint last Monday in the Miss Millennial Philippines 2018 segment on Eat Bulaga, Len coined Batanes as BREATHTAKING because of the rich culture and yet scenic spots which is so called #IGworthy. According to her, their food are yet to crave for which 4 famous foods are known for Batanes.

Three words to describe her hometown’s kababayan

Len described Batanes people as resilient, hospitable and friendly. Batanes is known for its hospitable people and honesty as well.

4 Foods which are to be craved for in Batanes

Len, on her Breathtaking Batanes video, introduced 4 foods which are known for Batanes’ rich food industry: Uved, Luñis, Yellow Rice and Vunes.

Uved [Photo Screengrabbed from Breathtaking Batanes video] #MMPH2018BATANESFOODGOALS
Luñis [Photo Screengrabbed from Breathtaking Batanes Video] #MMPH2018BATANESFOODGOALS

Yellow Rice Photo Screengrabbed from Breathtaking Batanes Video] #MMPH2018BATANESFOODGOALS
Vunes Photo Screengrabbed from Breathtaking Batanes Video] #MMPH2018BATANESFOODGOALS

According to Len, Luñis can be stored up to a year. Why? Because Luñis is adobo-like food from Batanes which came from Organic Pigs (without feeds) and it is cooked in its own oil and salt.

Uved, on the other hand, is another delicacy from Batanes which is grated banana corm. Uved is meatball-like in Batanes. Uved consists of banana, fish (in order for the uved ingredient to stick together), and it can be combined with either pork or beef. It cna be fried (which according to Len is her favorite way of cooking Uved).

Vunes is a Batanes dish made out of dried gabi leaves.

Finally, Len shared that the Yellow rice is also known as turmeric rice.


When the honesty comes out in mind, the Honesty store in Batanes sparks out. Len shared that when you come to Batanes, there’s an Honesty Coffee Shop that where you go inside there, choose the items you want and leave the money that you have bought for those items inside the boxes corresponding to that item. [PRETTY INTERESTING, isn’t it? So, if you are a person with honesty, then you should try to go to Batanes.]

The #IGworthy scenic spots

Len shared 3 scenic spots that could be said as “#IGworthy” when you come to Batanes.

  1. Basco Lighthouse. It is situated in Naidi Hills in Barangay San Antonio in Batanes. Len shared that its location is near the West Philippine Sea. Sometimes, Irayat island when you see it in the lighthouse, according to her, are wrapped by clouds. She exclaimed as well that when they shoot for Miss Millennial Philippines tour of Batanes, it was clear of cloudy spots.
  2. Valugan Beach. It is a boulder beach in Batanes and according to Len, Valugan beach is surrounded by big rocks.
  3. Marlboro county. Racuh A Payaman. One blog has described Racuh A Payaman as “The Sound of Music” scenic spot which you can sing Julie Andrews’ “The Hills Are Alive” [READ: 15 Must Visit Spots in Batanes|of trips and travel notes]. But, Len shared that this county as an island full of animals.

Blank Book Archives

Based on the Breathtaking Batanes video shown on Miss Millennial Philippines 2018 segment, Blank Books Archives based on Len’s experience, you can choose from 1 to thousands of blank books which you can write on, whether its the story of your life or you can write your thoughts and you can even continue the story of the one who wrote it.

There’s so much more to see in Batanes. It’s really said to be BREATHTAKING with its scenic spots and activities that you can do in Batanes.

For the full interview and the full video of the ones that you have read on above, you can watch it by clicking on the links down below.

Maria Ellena Velasco’s Breathtaking Batanes Video

Maria Ellena Velasco’s Miss Millennial Philippines 2018 Full Interview

Watch out tomorrow to get to know another Miss Millennial Philippines candidate.

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See you tomorrow for our next Miss Millennial Philippines 2018 journey.

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