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A world of beauty in the Philippines… that’s what is stated in the Miss World Philippines Theme Song’s chorus. Now, that you have seen the 1st look of the candidates in our 1st update (READ: Miss World Philippines’ 1st LOOK) earlier this month, we will be having a poll which will really run only for this blog post. Note here that this poll is for survey purposes of who’s your choice as your Miss World Philippines as we dub this as: “Miss World Philippines 2018 Poll: ItsJM Life’s #MWP2018 Reader’s Choice Poll”.

In this blog post, you have the power to choose who’s your Miss World Philippines 2018 both here and on our Facebook page. This is your chance to vote for your favorite candidate. Here are the rules on how to vote for your Miss World Philippines 2018 candidate:

  1. This poll is an exclusive poll for ItsJM Life and any results incurred here will not affect (at any moment and any way) the official results of Miss World Philippines 2018.
  2. You can vote as many as possible. The poll is UNLIMITED and FREE.
  3. In this poll, we will open the poll both on our Facebook page and this blog post. The criteria for the determination of the Reader’s Choice will be 60% for blog post poll and 40% for Facebook page poll.
  4. Poll will close at noon before the Grand Coronation Night of the pageant which is on Oct. 7, 2018.

Vote on the Facebook Poll by clicking HERE.

Vote wisely and don’t forget to share this poll after voting.

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50 thoughts on “Miss World 2018 Philippines Poll: ItsJM Life’s #MWP2018 Reader’s Choice Poll

  1. Vote for Cleo Jones she’s smart ang gorgeous

  2. Miss Cleo Jones is what the doctor ordered for the “Miss World” Pageant for the Philippines. Not only is she gorgeous, but very intelligent and articulate and humble. this woman is a “Rising” Star!! Keep your eyes on Her!

  3. Marilou Polon Tipayno September 10, 2018 — 2:34 pm

    Cheers to our dear gorgeous Joemay-an Leo.The authentic beauty and smart lady with a passion for helping new generations in the community.Her actual beauty is what we are made of in terms of intellect, hard work, personality and above all a positive attitude!!!

    1. Keep on sharing the page. Thanks for dropping by. God Bless.

  4. Good luck

  5. May the best candidate win! Many as I do feel, that would be Kimi Mugford.


  6. Fresh new face in the pageantry word #3 Barmae Chua👍

  7. Vote for crystal velasco freedman #25… smart, kind, and bsn rn graduate. A total package beauty and brain💁💕

    1. I vote Kimi Mugford

      1. I voted Kimi Mugford

  8. #25 crystal velasco freedman #beautiful inside & out #beauty & brain.

    1. I voted Crystal she is beautiful and smart. She is a summa cum laude imBSN RN

  9. I voted Cleo Jones. The difference between Cleo & Kimi is that Cleo is gorgeous, articulate, mature and very intelligent. She is not a mindless blowhard that rambles on & says absolutely nothing. Cleo can bring class to this event! Her cousin is Vina Morales…where beauty and intellect are a trademark!

    1. Whoa. This is some kind of a revelation. Thanks for sharing an info.

    2. Don’t be a sore looser. Kimi is a very smart girl. She is starting her pre-law at Western University Brescia College, a very prestigious university in Canada. You cannot be accepted in that school if your GPA is below 4. BTW, during the final Q and A at the Continental USA pageant, the question goes like this: “besides your beauty, what differentiates you from other girls?”. Cleo answered:” my Beauty …”. LOL… articulate? Smart? . I like Cleo though, she’s part of the group from L A and u always cheer for her here in Manila because we are a team . I don’t go around bad-mouthing her . Bedsides, we should be cheering for each other not otherwise . Go Kimi! Go Cleo! Go Crystal! Go team America!!!💖😀👍

      1. Heidi Braille Valdez September 23, 2018 — 4:10 pm

        Well said 👍

  10. Looks like Kimi and Cleo hired a full time person to do the voting for them.

    1. I voted for Kimi mugford

    2. You shut up! Bitch😈😈😈

      1. Andy,don’t get mad it’s just an opinion. Seeing their votes pulling away from everyone made me think about it. Sorry if i hurt your feeling.Peace.

        1. Yeah, besides, I have released a poll update which you should check it out guys.

      2. meanie

    3. Kimi did not hire anybody to vote for her. The votes are from family and friends from around the world. We are lucky to have a huge family clan and friends and we support each other

      1. Looks like her family has moral support whatever competition she might be up to.

    4. I don’t think its because someone was hired to vote for her. Maybe, her family and friends shared the poll, so, maybe that’s why Kimi and Cleo might be the frontrunners in the particular opinion poll.

    5. I don’t think so. She’s a great contestant with a lot of potential. Wouldn’t you agree Tess Carandang

  11. Prinsipe Duke SatYo Amir September 19, 2018 — 4:58 am

    I go 4 candidate #24… Vogue!!!

  12. Prinsipe Duke SatYo Amir September 19, 2018 — 5:03 am

    I go 4 candidate #24..Vogue.

  13. #25 Crystal Velasco Freedman Beauty and Brain
    #25 Saves Lives #25MissWorld Philippines 2018

  14. #35 Kimi Mugford.

  15. #31 Cleo Jones is the “One!”

  16. Go..go..go Kimi Mugford

  17. I voted for Cleo Jones! She is simply amazing and my favorite….let’s take a look..shall we. She has been a favorite model of “Top” fashion designers since she was 16 years old. She is a constant requested model for the Southern California venues… ie…Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County and not to mention…Las Vegas!. She was “Miss Napa Valley Teen 2016” and “Miss Ventura County Teen 2017.” She competes against all nationalities…not just “Pilipinas.” She is attending college for Pre-Nursing, volunteers her off time at a Senior Center, works part-time and attends acting classes. She is half “Cebuana” and half “Hispanic.” This mix has produced a “Truly” beautiful combination and “awe” inspiring appearance. Cleo Jones is the “Real” deal and has not been “enhanced” like so many others! She was filmed in a “YouTube” video with Hollywood Actress Jennifer Collins of the movie “Conjuring II” fame. She “Nailed” the part with no acting lessons at all at the age of 16 years playing the part of “Miranda”…she is a “Natural!” She has done commercial work and starred with another Hollywood actress in a VIMEO short film on acting. Cleo is very “Humble”, extremely intelligent and a very articulate debater on current events. Maybe it’s time “Pilipinos” think outside the box and take a “Serious” look at this young and enchanting woman. Cleo Jones has “Class!”

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts of who Cleo Jones really is

  18. Go, Crystal! You got it, girl <3 #25CrystalVelascoFreedman #25saveslives

  19. crystalformissworld October 3, 2018 — 8:31 pm

    Voted for Crystal Velasco Freedman! #25

  20. Go..Go..Cleo Jones #31. Your family, friends and fans are supporting you and love you! Go for it girl!

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