Beauty Pageant News on ItsJM Life: The Miss World Philippines 2018 Updates

Its commencing! The Miss World Philippines 2018 pageant competition is on!

ItsJM Life is now entering the world of Beauty Pageants! YES, switching from the past, Obsessive Beauty Pageant Fan which has been the source of beauty pageants like Miss Earth, Miss Universe and this pageant, Miss World!

Now, leveling up, ItsJM Life will bring new updates on the matter of Miss World beauty pageant. But, before the worldwide phenomenal pageant, let’s go local first: Miss World Philippines 2018!

Miss World PH Official Logo [Credits: Miss World Philippines Organization FB Page]
Last Aug. 15, 2018, the Miss World Philippines Organization has officially announced that there are 40 official candidates that will compete for this year’s pageant. But, only 37 were officially introduced to the public and the remaining 3 candidates will be announced next week as per organization’s announcement.

Now, you’re curious of who’s the newest set of candidates for this year’s Miss World Philippines pageant. Meet the 37 out of the 40 candidates who will vie for the title Miss World Philippines 2018:

Crissia Atienza, Denielle Joie Magno, Tamara Rose Caballero
Erica Larkins, Eiffel Janell Rosalita, Gianna Llanes
Kim de Guzman, Pauline Deveraturda, Arienne Calingo, Maria Gail Tobes
Annalita Vizcarra, Neesha Murjani, Michelle Oliva
Elaiza Dee Aizona, Marianne Marquez, Angelica Dominique Tuzon
Alyanna Penales, Barmae Chua, Jigg Kirsty Ang
Joemay-an Leo, Pearl Hung, Ma. Katrina Acaylar
Paulina Labayo, Danica Reynes, Jerelleen Rodriguez
Kathryn Jade Cudiamat,Rose Marie Murphy,Kylah Kristianne Sanchez
Angelica Estrevillo, Katarina Rodriguez, Abbyjun Dizor
Angeline Mae Santos, Divine Angela Veranga, Mary Jeanne Boniao
Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez, Chanel Morales, Maureen Montagne

The Official Candidate of Miss World Philippines 2018 [Partial List]:

Barmae Chua
Erica Larkins
Kylah Sanchez
Alyssa Muhlach
Tamara Caballero
Katarina Rodriguez
Neesha Murjani
Marie Danica Reynes
Crissia del Atienza
Jigg Kirsty Ang
Angeline Mae Santos
Arienne Calingo
Kim De Guzman
Marianne Marquez
Michelle Oliva
Chanel Morales
Jerelleen Rodriguez
Maria Gail Devora Tobes
Mary Jeanne Boniao
Rose Murphy
Katrina Zayas Acaylar
Joemay-an Leo
Pearl Hung
Maria Divine Angela Veranga
Gianna Llanes
Eiffel Rosalita
Angelica Estrevillo
Paulina Labayo
Abbyjun Dizor
Denielle Denj Magno
Angelica Tuzon
Annalita Pagunsan Vizcarra
Elaiza Alzona
Maureen Montagne
Pauline Deveraturda
Bettina Penales
Kathryn Jade Cudiamat

[Source: Miss World Philippines Organization Facebook Page for the photos and for the official list of the candidates]

Who’s going to be the shining queen of the world in the Philippines this year? Stay tuned for next updates here on ItsJM Life as we bring you up-to-date news from Miss World Philippines 2018 and its candidates.

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